Presently we have branch locations operating efficiently and profitably. Our most profitable branch brought in revenue exceeding 150,000 for the month of February. If you have a group of talented loan officers, and want to open an office . We can coop expansion and marketing, if needed as well. If assistance is needed, our broker will act as your personal concierge in regards to setting up your office. This includes credit bureau, DU/LP, user names and passwords, along with Hawaiian lender account executive introductions. 

Our policy of, " tell us what you need", and "what's ours is yours" and "If we can get it, you got it", This philosophy has served our loan officers and branch offices well.  Finally get paid like the broker, and earn what your worth ! 

Please fax (808)440-0384 or email your resume or letter of interest for confidential consideration to:


1888 Kalakaua Ave. Suite C-312

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